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Integration of Industry and Education for a Common Future -Horwath Bio Welcomes Leaders from Wuhan Polytechnic University and Xianning City

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In order to further deepen the integration of production and education, and promote the deep cooperation among schools, localities and enterprises, on December 19th, Mr. Wang Libing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan Polytechnic University, and Mr. Zhu Qinggang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Xianning People's Congress, and his delegation went to our company for visit and guidance. Hu Qunbing, General Manager of Horwath, together with the staffs graduated from Wuhan Polytechnic University in Xianning, warmly welcomed the visitors.

  Secretary Wang and Director Zhu and his delegation first paid a careful visit to our company's various product workshops, checked our company's product lines, laboratories and intellectual property rights and various scientific research achievements, and raised many professional questions, to which our company's technical team offered answers and explanations in detail. Mr. Wang and Mr. Zhu were very positive about our R&D, experimental and production capacity, and were extremely optimistic about the future of our company.

  Later, the three parties carried out in-depth exchanges on the deep-level cooperation among higher institutions, the local municipality and enterprises. Mr. Hu, our general manager firstly delivered a welcome speech, expressing warm welcome to the leaders from Wuhan Polytechnic University, Xianning City and Xianning Hi-tech Zone! Then, Mr. Hu introduced the future prospect of the company and the current stage of development. After that, Mr. Hu thanked Wuhan Polytechnic University -his alma mater for conveying valuable talent resources for Horwath, and he would like to have further cooperation and exchange with Wuhan Polytechnic University in the future. Meanwhile, Mr. Hu also thanked Xianning Municipality and Xianning High-Tech Zone for the support and help they have provided for Horwath’s R&D and market.

Wang Libing, Secretary of Party Committee of Wuhan Polytechnic University , summarized the visit in five aspects. The first is to visit the alumni, investigate the alumni innovation and entrepreneurship. The second is to visit the enterprise to expand career opportunities for new graduates. The third is to promote the school-enterprise, school-local city cooperation, The fourth is the school-enterprise, school-local government cooperation through the results of the transformation, test base and other forms of creating the future, The fifth is the school, the local city, the enterprise together with a strong chain to complement the chain, to do a good job of extending the industrial chain. Wuhan Polytechnic University is willing to utilize the strength of the outstanding disciplines in the university, for the improvement of the local economy. Secretary Wang pointed out that the realization of school-enterprise cooperation, integration of industry and education is not only the need in reality now, but also the trend for the future, and the Industrial Research Institute is an important form of school-enterprise, school-local cooperation. Secretary Wang also expressed his gratitude to the local leaders from Xianning City for their support to Horwath, and looked forward to a deeper cooperation and win-win partnership between the three parties in the future.

Director Zhu summarized the visit in three aspects. Director Zhu highly recognized the partnership of school, local city and enterprise cooperation, and hoped that Wuhan Polytechnic University would send more excellent graduates to Xianning city, and also hoped that Wuhan Polytechnic University would have more projects landed in Xianning and Xianning enterprises, contributing to the development of Xianning's great food industry chain.




The activity was successfully concluded, thanks to the strong support of Xianning City and High-tech Zone! Horwath will continue to strengthen the cooperation with Wuhan Polytechnic University , so as to make a good reserve of technology and talents for the future development of Horwath. Horwath will continue to move forward and contribute to the development of great food and great health industry in Xianning.