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Horwath Biotech debuts at 2023 AGRENA Egypt International Exhibition for the Management & Production of Poultry, Livestock & Fish.

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    The 23rd International Poultry and Livestock Industry Exhibition (Agrena) was grandly held in Halls 1-2 of the Egyptian Exhibition Center in New Cairo on 12-14 October 2023. The exhibition covers a total area of 26,000 square meters, including 2,400 square meters of open space. As a poultry, livestock, and fishery exhibition with a wide coverage, reputation and influence in the Middle East and North Africa, Agrena has attracted exhibitors and industry insiders from all over the Middle East. Horwath Biotech and industry elites from several countries in the Middle East attended this grand event to share wisdom and seek for development together!

    Horwath Bio. attended the event with its functional ester products such as tributyrin, monobutyrin, monolaurin, and compound functional additive products represented with BTG and MPB. This is Horwath's first appearance in the Egyptian market. Although there are some language barriers, it cannot stop the warm concern to our product from the Egyptian industry professionals , attracting many industry insiders to come for negotiation and consultation. We also look forward to bringing more healthy animal nutrition solutions to customers in Egypt and the Middle East.


    October is the fall harvest time, the harvest season, and the beginning of the peak season of tourism in Egypt. Hot sun outside, the exhibition hall is crowded and lively.  Everyone was eagerly discussing and exchanging ideas. The Egyptian organizer attached great importance to our company's participation and arranged the industry media to conduct interviews, highly recognizing our scientific research strength and advanced exhibits. Through this grand event, we believe that Horwath Bio can achieve a broader development in the Egyptian market.