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Horwath Bio.'s Tributyrin is certificated as a "Hubei Provincial Manufacturing Champion Product in individual fields"..

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Recently, Hubei Horwath Biotechnology Co., Ltd. received a certificate issued by the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Hubei Province. Horwath's "tributyrin" was awarded the "Hubei Provincial Manufacturing Champion Product in individual fields (2022-2024)". It demonstrates the advanced product technology and it is a miniature of green development of Horwath.

The manufacturing individual champion enterprise are long-time focused on the specific product manufacturing segment, production technology or process being of international leading level, and the individual product market share ranks in the forefront of the world. There are many strict requirements for the participating enterprises.


The company adheres to the path of professional development, increases R&D investment and continuous innovation ability. Being focused on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of functional fatty acid esters for years, Horwath Bio. creatively developed and applied tributyrin to the field of animal nutrition. The key technology of nutritional regulation of animal intestinal damage repair created by Horwath has reached the international leading level and filled the international gap. The anti-stress regulation technology based on tributyrin has effectively improved the intestinal health of broiler chickens and reached the international advanced level. Breaking through the key production technology of high content, breaks the monopoly of foreign companies in the domestic industry, filling the domestic gap and replacing imports, making up for the shortcomings of the functional fatty acid ester industry. The company undertook the breakthrough of the research project "Creation and Application Technology of Key Products Substituted for Antibiotics in Feed" initiated by the Hubei Provincial Central Guidance Local Science and Technology Development Fund, participated in the Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Special Project "Technological Innovation and Application of Nutritional Control Based on Pig Gut Health". The technical achievement "Development and Application of Feed Additive Based on Pig Intestinal Functional Targets" won the first prize for Hubei Provincial Technology Invention. As an indispensable core basic raw material in the entire industry chain of antibiotic-free breeding, tributyrin can promote the proliferation and maturation of intestinal epithelial cells in the body, intestinal tight junctions, the expression of intestinal tight junction protein and hemoglobin synthesis, relieve oxidative stress and inflammation, and strengthen the endogenous life support system.


In 2022, "Tributyrin" developed by Horwath Bio. was awarded the Certificate of New Feed Additives by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China [New Feed Certificate No. (2022)02]. Eucalorie® (tributyrin) has the only first-class certificate with feed additive and food additive in China. Eucalorie® has also become the first brand in the industry. It has presided over the preparation of one standard for new feed and new feed additive products "Tributyrin" of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and one group standard of Hubei Provincial Feed Industry Association.


Horwath Bio. has also won the honor of "Hubei Province Specialized and Special New Little Giant". We will continue to focus on animal intestinal health, delve into the field of glycerol fatty acid esters, continue to improve our innovation capabilities, and contribute to China's green feed industry and green breeding industry!